I am Thomas Dolso

I am a very passionate Full Stack Developer & Marketer.
Take a look at my work and if you like it I would love to hear from you!

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What my clients say about me and my work

Fantastic plugin and unbelievably flexible. Exactly what I needed for a project I was working on. Even more than that, I made a feature request and the designer updated the app made it available within a day. I’d give it six stars if I could….

H3XXENon CodeCanyon

Excellent coding for the text effects – they are awesome. Excellent support from the developer. Overall very impressed. Thank you! Keep it up. Ben

TheGo2Guyon CodeCanyon

Thank you very much …great plugin fast Support …….Recommended ***** 5 Big Stars…… Cheers..

Fireblade001on CodeCanyon

Not only does this script work great, it is put together so it’s very easy to understand how to implement it. LOVE IT!!!! I’m sure to use it for many client projects in the future. Thanks!

designsbycmon CodeCanyon

Excellent use of jquery and a absolutely stylish piece of code. The builder is exceptional and it would be great is everyone else tried to do this to minimize code to be just what’s required. Great job.

mikeybabes68on CodeCanyon

Excellent customer support! Although we’re not able to use the plugin till we learn to understand jQuery, we’re happy with the responsiveness of the coder.

VizTvMediaon CodeCanyon

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